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I have books, CDs, DVDs on various topics related to pregnancy, prenatal yoga, childbirth and breast feeding


Penny Simkin’s Comfort Measures For Childbirth. The 91-minute DVD is divided into 4 sections: 1) Basic relaxation and rhythmic breathing, 2) Comfort measures, devices, and positions, 3) Techniques to help with back pain and labor progress, and 4) Positions and techniques for pushing and birth.


Having Your Baby! A Complete Lamaze Prepared Childbirth Class. Parents-to-be who are interested in the Lamaze method but can't attend a class can learn it from this two-hour video. Taught by two certified instructors who are OB nurses, this is the only video course that teaches the complete method. Lamaze seeks to reduce pain through relaxation achieved by massage, focus, and a series of breathing techniques.


Doula: The Essential Ingredient. Doula is a documentary produced by DONA International in 2010 featuring commentary by all of DONA International’s esteemed founders and some of its celebrated past presidents speaking on the origin and rationale of doula support. Their words are complemented by inspiring visuals of treasured birth and postpartum moments.


Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin & the Farm Midwives. Ina May & the Farm Midwives shows a spirited group of women who taught themselves how to deliver babies in the 1970’s on a hippie commune. This DVD shows several actual births in detail.


The Business of Being Born. The Business of Being Born is a 2008 documentary film that explores the contemporary experience of childbirth in the United States. A documentary that was produced by Rikki Lake.


Doula: The Ultimate Birth Companion. This is an intimate and emotionally charged documentary film about birth and postpartum doulas and their part in pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks.


Acupressure for Natural Pain Relief in Labour.  An instructional DVD for pregnant women & their support people. The acupressure techniques outlined in this DVD are easy to use, promote natural birth and encourage close partner involvement.


Acupressure & Breathing for Childbirth.  A DVD that combines the use of Acupressure points and Organized Breathing techniques, to hopefully provide not only a better childbirth experience for the baby, but better labor experience for the mother and her partner. (Can be used to promote natural childbirth - Also supports conventional births). By learning the tips and techniques provided in this DVD, you will be confident and prepared to participate in the birth of your child.


Guerrilla Midwife: Filmed in Indonesia, Italy and the U.S. this film has won numerous awards for its excellence. Filming the work of Ibu Robin Lim and the people who protect the smallest citizens of Earth, is an ongoing passion for Filmmaker Déjà Bernhardt. She has mastered capturing on camera tender moments of childbirth and human bonding, as they unfold in our planet s most extreme locations of environmental and political disaster. As Bernhardt takes us from beautiful Bali, where the economy has been destroyed by terrorist bombings, to post Tsunami Aceh, she highlights the efforts of one remarkable woman who has been recognized globally for illuminating the difference one person can make.


Baby & Mom Pre Natal Yoga: The New Method: This relaxing, non-impact regimen helps mothers-to-be enjoy relaxation and breathing exercises that will tone, condition, and help prepare for a quicker recovery following childbirth. 45 min.


Crunch Yoga Mama: Prenatal Yoga. Appropriate for any trimester, you'll move through a series of poses that focus on breathing as well as strengthening and stretching muscles that will prepare you for the challenge of labor and birth. Yoga can also improve your circulation and digestion plus relieve common tensions related to pregnancy. 45 min.


Yoga for your pregnancy: Your guide to prenatal fitness and a healthy birth. A regular prenatal yoga practice as taught in Yoga for Your Pregnancy can give you the energy to enjoy your pregnancy, the serenity to build a deeper intimacy with your body, and the ability to be present for the miracle of birth. Presented by Yoga Journal and Lamaze International. 


The Birth Partner: A complete guide to childbirth for Dads, Doulas, and all other Labor Companions, Third Edition. By Penny Simkin


The Doula Book: How a trained labor companion can help you have a shorter, easier and healthier birth. Third Edition. By Marshall Klaus, MD, John H. Kennell, MD, and Phyllis H. Klaus, MFT, LMSW


Gentle Birth Choices: A guide to making informed decisions about birthing centers, birth attendants, water birth, home birth and hospital birth. By Barbara Harper, RN


The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth: Includes information on cesareans, inducing labor, IVs, epidurals, home births, midwives, OBs, hospital births, birth centers and alternatives to high-tech birth. By Henci Goer


The Doula Guide to Birth: Secrets every pregnant woman should know. By Amanda Lowe and Rachel Zimmerman.


The Complete Book of Pregnancy & Childbirth: Week by Week and Month by Month. By Sheila Kitzinger


The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: The ultimate guide to conception, birth and everything in between. By Ann Douglas


Healthy Mom Healthy Baby: The ultimate pregnancy guide (a March of Dimes Book). By Shiobhan Dolan, MD and Alice Lesch Kelly


The Labor Progress Handbook: Early interventions to prevent and treat dystocia. Third Edition. By Penny Simkin and Ruth Ancheta.


Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn: The complete guide.  Fourth Edition.  By Penny Simkin, PT, Janet Whalley, RN IBCLC, Ann Keppler, RN, MN, Janelle Durham, MSW, ICCE, LCCE, April Bolding, PT< DPT, CD, CCE.


The Official Lamaze Guide: Giving Birth with Confidence. By Judith Lothian RN PhD, LCCE, FACCE and Charlotte DeVries of Lamaze International


The Low Blood Sugar Handbook: The book of solutions. By Edward and Patricia Krimmel


Modern Essentials: A contemporary guide to the therapeutic use of essential oils. Fourth Edition. 


Prenatal Peace and Calming.  An audio experience to help you connect with your growing baby. Awaken you intuition through the therapeutic sounds and words of this CD to increase you confidence in your own wisdom path of pregnancy. 


Hypnobabies Self Relaxation  


-Needles are OK! (Self relaxation to help with needle anxiety)

-What is hypnosis for childbirth?

-Relax Me! A hypnosis session