IDoula4U Babies


"Tammy was an awesome doula, she helped make the situation as calm and comfortable as could be." "Thank you so much!!"


Brantley 8lbs  5oz  20"

Gavin  7lbs 3oz  20"


"I will recommend to everyone having a baby to use Tammy as a Doula. She was amazing!"




Cadence  6lbs 14oz  20 1/2"


It was an honor and joy to have you there! I have and will continue to"(recommend IDoula4U to others) "You are a part of our family now!"


Mackenzie  7lbs 1oz  19 1/2"


"From this experience, it has made me want to look into being a Doula."

"Tammy is amazing!"



Taetum  7lbs 6oz  21 "


"Without your help, I would not have been able to have a natural birth. If other expecting mothers can have the experience of Tammy and the experience of a natural birth, they should get the opportunity to."


Rozlynn  6lbs 8oz  19"


"You were my voice when my brain was trying to wrap around the speedy birth." "You are amazing at what you do!"


Colllin 7lbs 14oz  20"

Teagan 7lbs 10oz 19 3/4"


"You were very calming and professional." "I felt safe because you were right there with me through everything."